My aim with this simple website is to share my photographs with as many people as possible in the expectation that they will experience some of the pleasure I enjoyed whilst taking them. I hope that you may then be willing to help me support the conservation of our environment through the charities, Butterfly Conservation and Plantlife. 

I take no financial reward from the website and I bear all of the running costs from my own pocket.  All of the profits from sales of the images will be given to these charities to further their important work.

If you like a photograph you can purchase it as a download, a print or have it framed. Simply select your photo, click 'Buy', and you will be linked to the shop where the range of choices is displayed. Please ensure your image correctly fits your chosen size of print using the guides provided.

Approximately 50% of the selling price (excluding postage) is 'profit' and this will be donated to Butterfly Conservation and Plantlife.

If you don't wish to purchase anything perhaps you would consider making a donation to Butterfly Conservation or Plantlife. For more details about their work please click on the 'Donate' link above. If you are outside the UK you might like to consider supporting an environmental charity in your area. 

The galleries contain a selection of my favourite images. In some instances the image may not be technically perfect but the ' fleeting opportunity' provided by most insects may not have allowed time for refinements! When possible, I try to create a pleasing composition rather than a stock portrait. Some of the subjects are tiny flowers and insects measuring less than an inch which always richly reward a closer look.  I trust you will find something to interest you amongst this collection of photographs and perhaps give you a different perspective on our environment.

All images were taken in the wild, with the subjects free and not constrained in any way. When photographing, every attempt was made to respect the environment and leave it as little disturbed as possible. I try to follow the golden rule: 'The subject is more important than the photograph'.

I am not an expert in any way. If you spot any errors in identification or typography please let me know by using the 'Contact' facility or leaving a message in the Guestbook. Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to provide an answer.

It would be appreciated if you were able to recommend my site to your friends, and if you have time, leave a comment in my Guestbook. Thank you for your interest.